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Tubular Solutions & Drilling Services is a new local Dubai registered LLC company. It was formed in February 2004 by the Vice President of Operations of Drilling Tools International LLC, after Drilling Tools International LLC was purchased by Weatherford International in December 2003.

Tubular Solutions & Drilling Services started out in supplying Casing / Tubing Running Services and sale of drill pipe, hevi-weight drill pipe, drill collars, casing and tubing to major oil companies and drilling contractors. And moved into the Downhole Rental and Fishing Services at customerís requests.

Tubular Solutions & Drilling Services headquarters and base is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the Al Quoz Industrial area. The base is well-equipped and manned for casing / tubing running services, down hole rental services and fishing services.

Tubular Solutions & Drilling Services continually seeks to expand itís sphere of operations geographically by providing a higher quality product and service than is offered by its competitors and also by the acquisition of other companies which can meet Tubular Solutions & Drilling Services strategic requirements.

Our Casing / Tubing personnel are highly experienced and have a minimum of ten (10) years supplying their type of service to customerís. Our highly experienced fishing engineers are utilized on a thirty-five (35) rotational from the U.S., Aberdeen, Scotland and Canada and are highly qualified in all aspects of offshore and onshore fishing and services in hazardous conditions. To ensure that all tools used in our offshore / onshore operations are to the highest standards and are prepared to be used effectively in all aspects of our operations, Tubular Solutions & Drilling Services has invested time and money to have our hard-facing / welding personnel, jars / shock tool redressing personnel and service personnel trained. Tubular Solutions & Drilling Services uses only products and tools which are certified and worldwide accepted and will not at any stage jeopardize either ours or our customers reputation by lowering our standards to accommodate copies of equipment currently in the market.

Tubular Solutions & Drilling Services prides itself in being a small company with a major outlook in fulfilling the needs of our customers. Our highly qualified management team is available twenty-four (24) hours of the day and are supported by a highly skilled back up team.

Our extensive, well maintained inventory of tools ensures our ability to respond quickly and efficiently at all times.

statement of quality policy  

Tubular Solutions & Drilling Services is committed to the development and maintenance of economic and effective processes and systems designed to meet the needs and expectiations of our customers.

The company will provide a service and quality of products most suitable to our customer's requirements and to satisfy and statutory requirements.

To enable this policy to be effective and for quality objectives to be achieved the commitment, support and involvement of management and all personnel within the company is essential. To this end senior management will actively foster a culture conductive with learning and improvement reinforced through training program, the company's business process improvement and empowerment system.

The company have translated these management policies and objectives into a governing Quality Assurance Manual outlining the system structure. This document is supported by Operating Procedures, Work Instructions and specific Directives/Procedures as required by customer or product requirements.

  mission statement

Tubular Solutions & Drilling Services LLC remains committed to providing the highest quality equipment and services, operating with only experienced dedicated personnel and ensuring that our company philosophy remains "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION".

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